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Speech for clients

Dear visitors of our webpage, distinguished guests of our salon

At the beginning I would like to tank you who spare some moments of your precious time to take a look on our webpage or even visit our salon in person. I know too well that with today's tempo of work and life it is hard to use an hour or two for yourself, moreover if you are in a managing position. Permanent tension connected with psychical stress, prolonged sedentary work and awkward position does live negative health consequences. Permanent muscular tension induces shoulder pain, radiating towards neck and head. Prolonged sitting results in back pain especially at the lumbar area of lower back. You know these symptoms?

Thai Massage is not only a very pleasant leisure activity or wellness. This ancient art, >>Nuad Thai<< in Thai language, was through centuries primarily developed and refined as a selection of traditional medical practices and therapeutic techniques, dedicated to healing of body and soul. To the contrary of the western medical praxis, which is almost exclusively focused to the body and individual organs, Thai culture tends to treat body and soul as an inseparable and highly interlaced unity. In order to achieve good health and well being both have to be in balance. Therefore spiritual upset, caused i.e. by the permanent stress, is sooner or later going to manifest in physical disease.

Last year I traveled to Thailand for the first time. I have visited ancient temples and palaces, experienced Thai culture and of cause tried traditional Thai massage as it is practiced in its native country. I can tell you that Mr. Skuldech, our excellent masseur, exceeds everything I have tried in Thailand. I had an honor to visit the Ministry of Public Health of the Kingdom of Thailand, a part of which is the Thai Traditional Health Promotion Foundation. This Foundation is a department of the Ministry of Public Health in charge of education, certification, and supervision of therapists, practicing Thai traditional medicine. Namely in Thailand Thai traditional medicine, including massage, is an integral part of the public health system and can be prescribed by the personal doctor much like a physiotherapy or spa treatment is prescribed in Slovenia or elsewhere in Europe. I am very proud to tell you that Mr. Skuldech, prior to his arrival in Slovenia, was Training Section Chief of Thai Traditional & Foot Massages with the Thai Traditional Health Promotion Foundation .

Sincerely yours
Dr. Evgen Eržen


 Dunajska 9a
 1000 Ljubljana

 (+386) (0)31 310 075
 Opening hours:
 Mon. - Fri.:  10:00 - 22:00
 Sat.:             10:00 - 20:00
 Sun.: 10:00 - 19:00 only by appointment
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 Dr. Evgen Eržen
 Mr. Kriangkrai Skuldech
 Thai masseur

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